Large Enterprises

The pace of work in large enterprises and corporate environments is growing day by day. Being more efficient, responsive, quicker-to-market and quicker-to-deliver than ones competitors, have become some of the many deciding factors in determining the success or failure of one’s business.

New strategies, trends analysis and forecasting to help increase employee productivity, the quality of services and products delivered to clients and profits has become ever challenging and competitive.

How can we help you?

Lever Systems provides a number of bleeding edge solutions for your enterprise. Whether it be your core business, products or services, internal processes, marketing or corporate strategies we can help design, develop and deploy software solutions giving you the competitor edge you require.

Lever Systems specialises in robust, platform independent, server-side software technologies, including precision-crafting Secure Transaction Platforms and Data Warehouses for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Lever Systems has expertise in mobile, web and desktop application development using bleeding edge technologies providing enterprise grade computing solutions across a myriad of different platforms and devices.

We can help you in:

  • Enterprise RFID Centric Asset Management Solutions
  • Personnel and Vehicle Access Control
  • RFID Centric Stock and Inventory Management Solutions
  • Business Process, Supply Chain, Workflow and Project Management Solutions
  • Financial Transaction Servers and Accounts Management
  • Content Management on the Web, Mobile Web and customised Mobile Apps
  • Customised Customer Life Cycle Management Systems


Large Enterprises