The Product Feedback Platform is an Internet-scale SaaS solution where:

Product Managers upload products and describe their features. For each feature, Product Managers can define a set of questions to be asked to the  users of the product by Sales Representatives.

Sales Representatives are tasked to go out into the field and get customer feedback for each of these features. These features can already exist in the product being reviewed or could be potential features to be introduced into the next release if enough customers show a liking towards the new feature.

Customers  answer the predefined set of questions and also give open feedback on a per feature basis

All feedback is sent to a centralized database in real-time.  Product Mangers, from their console can begin viewing this feedback.

Product Managers can then in turn ‘Curate’ this feedback and evaluate whether to actually push these Feature requests to the Production/Engineering Team.

The Solution has been designed so that Curated Feature Requests can be immediately assigned to the Production Team through Jira integration.

Extensive reporting and Analytics capabilities are available so that the data can be sliced and diced and accurate predictions be made to support various decision making processes.

Technologies Used

Django, Python, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, Cognito), JIRA REST API, Android, iOS,  Java, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX