RFID In Apparel


RFID technology advantages start at the supply chain with greater efficiency, improved accuracy and reduced losses. These are just some of the achievable benefits.

In the factory, a major improvement is accuracy and speed. This results in better supply management, greater on-shelf availability and therefore more sales. A clear illustration of the advantages of RFID is that it enables bulk, ‘on-the-fly’ reading and thereby cutting inventory times by 90% and, at the same time, substantially improving inventory accuracy. With better inventory visibility and accuracy comes improved forecasting and replenishment operations.

Also, in the distribution center, RFID technology brings benefits similar to those within the factory and illuminates transit problems in a comprehensive manner. This improves stock location visibility and allows you to keep track of all goods in real-time. 

RFID technology really shines within the store operation, particularly on the sales floor. With the use of RFID technology, inventories can be performed daily. These kinds of improvements in inventory time, allow RFID users to take immediate advantage to the inventory data and make real-time decisions on stock availability.

Lever Systems houses a team of experts, with years of experience in RFID technology, who tailor holistic end-to-end apparel supply chain solutions.

Lever Systems has built e-Apparel, a customized RFID centric solution for the complete Apparel supply chain which is low cost, high quality and provides real-time reporting.

For further details please email us at info@leversystems.com.