RFMedic – RFID Healthcare Solution



RFID technology has made its way into almost all the day to day operations of a Healthcare facility.

RFID in the healthcare industry can help with patient tracking, Medication Authentication and Control, Inventory Management and Document and File Tracking.

RFID tagged wrist bands enable positive patient identification (PPID) for medication and treatment. With RFID-tagged wrist bands, movement of patients can also be monitored and recorded unobtrusively as they pass through RFID readers at key portals.

Using RFID technology can help an institution manage its entire supply inventory. RFID provides the real-time visibility.

Many documents and data files, including charts, physician and pharmacy orders, laboratory reports and imaging files must circulate to be useful. RFID technology that is deployed at key entry and exit points lets providers offer limited but secure access on an as-needed basis, while tracking access for compliance reporting purposes.

Lever Systems houses a team of experts, with years of experience in RFID technology, who tailor holistic end-to-end RFID solutions for the healthcare industry.

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