Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Data Warehousing & AnalyticsData warehousing is the process of aggregating data from multiple and possibly heterogeneous databases, where each respective database is designed for online transactional processing. This data is stored into a ‘data warehouse’ whose design is centric to online analytical processing. Once the data has been extracted, transformed and loaded into the data warehouse, the process of business intelligence and analytics can begin.

Business Intelligence is the art of knowledge discovery and the ability to monitor and track Key Performance Indicators, providing meaningful insight into the data at hand.

Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that can help perform trends analysis and predictions using advanced techniques in artificial intelligence and statistical processing.
Lever Systems provides sapient Data Warehousing and Business Analytics solutions that facilitate: Timely marketing, Demand based planning, preemptive strategic planning and forecasting.
Again, Lever Systems gives you an added advantage as such technologies were only accessible to large enterprises and were predominantly costly solutions.

Using cutting edge open source technologies, Lever Systems can help you be the first to market at the right time and place, making your return on investment quick and considerable.

Lever Systems provides bleeding edge technologies capitalising experience acquired by multiple industry implementations with the expert help of its core engineers, whom have been privileged enough to have built and worked on some of the largest data warehousing and mining solutions in the world.