Technology Integration

Technology IntegrationWhen designing complex, industry-grade solutions, systems from a single vendor are not many a time appropriate, simply due to the fact that expertise of different technology domains lay in the hands of differing vendors.

Technology integration entails understanding multiple solutions from varying technologies and orchestrating a technological symphony. Every care must go into architecting such solutions and making sure that every plug fits its respective socket smoothly and correctly.

Envisaging complex and robust architectures designed to be intrinsically flexible, extendible, with strong and well defined interfaces are essential for successfully crafting such integrated solutions.

Lever Systems has a number of engineers that have pioneered and spearheaded some of the world’s largest integrated solutions for border security management, civilian registration and Data Warehousing and Analytics on multi-modal biometric and corporate data-sets alike for a myriad of domains and subject areas.

Our solutions; no matter whether for large enterprises or small to medium sized businesses are designed keeping in mind industry advancements, hence; if and when required, we use technology integration as a catalyst and not a hindrance in providing holistic and state of the art solutions to our technology partners.